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Grzejniki dekoracyjne Welan



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About us

Discover our collection of Welan radiators...

We have created for you a "Little Sun" for you Home.

  Infrared waves emitted by our stone radiators generate heat upon contact with the surface of a wall, object or body. Then, heat is absorbed by the object and slowly released to the environment, as well as reflected towards other objects that also absorb it. 

   It can be said we have two types of heat in this system: direct heat - emitted by the radiator, and indirect heat - emitted by surfaces and objects. This improves temperature distribution in the room and eliminates the phenomenon of “cold feet” and “hot head". In addition, the walls inside remain dry on the entire surface, thus additionally eliminating the problem of moisture and preventing the development of mould and fungi. Walls dried by the heat from the radiator also have better insulating properties due to their lower heat conductivity compared to wet walls, which significantly reduces heat demand.

   With the Welan radiators, the perceived thermal comfort is achieved at temperatures lower by about 2-3°C, as compared to convection heating, which allows to save about 10% on heating costs. For instance, inside a room with an actual temperature of 18°C, the perceived temperature is about 20-21°C. We can compare this effect to standing out in the sun on a hot day. Once we move away and hide in the shade, we feel immediately cooler, despite the fact that the air temperature remains the same. By lowering the temperature, the amount of heat transported through the space is reduced due to a lower temperature difference inside and outside. This helps to minimise heat losses during air exchange.

   We should not forget about another advantage - increased air humidity as a result of a lower actual temperature. Higher humidity prevents mucous membranes (the body's natural protection against cold) from dryness, especially in winter. Unlike convection heating devices, our radiators do not move around the room dust, pollen, bacteria and other particles, which is especially important for people suffering from allergies. In a word, infrared heating helps to create a healthy microclimate at your home.

  Unlike conventional heating systems, heating air is not the only function of the Welan radiators. 

What makes our radiators so unique?