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Grzejniki dekoracyjne Welan



Good to known


About us

The art of heating...

BASIC collection

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      Do you opt for a classic interior or prefer a contemporary design? Or, perhaps, you are simply looking for a unique radiator that is not yet another off-the-shelf product? No matter what your answer is, our radiators from the Tower collection will certainly meet your expectations. Always timeless, regardless of the current fashion and fleeting trends - this is what best sums up our Welan radiators

TOP collection

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Designer radiator Welan

TOWEL radiators

Designer radiator; Welan Radiator Tribus Welan

    Our Welan decorative radiators were created from the need to add a touch of luxury and style to dull, boring interiors. We would like to present our elegant stone radiators made by the leading specialists with an extraordinary skill to create beauty out of everyday objects

   The aesthetically pleasing, original and stylish Welan radiators from the TOP collection are an excellent choice for interior heating. Apart from their aesthetic aspects, they also have a positive impact on well-being and enhance the quality of everyday life


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Designer radiator Welan

  Original, hand-made premium-class radiators. Created for the most demanding customers and high-quality design lovers. Add a touch of elegance and luxury with our unique radiators.