WELAN is a company, which addresses the needs of special customers. Individuality, refinement and prestige are the best words to describe our radiators.

     Our creations have a positive influence on the mood, which in turn improves the quality of life. We are giving you the opportunity to discover our radiators and learn about how they create an atmosphere of elegance, exceptionality and luxury.

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A few words about us


     You are probably curious where I draw inspiration for radiator designs... let's say that I get inspired by the moment. It's a matter of one split second when I am in the perfect time and place... and I have it. I am hurriedly looking for a notepad, a pen... a quick sketch, just the basic form... but this is not the end.

     The concept stays in my head, all the details are being formed and I am wondering how it should look like in order to become a piece of art... the art of heating. The final project is assessed by architects and then, after positive reviews, it is introduced for production.


Innovative and timeless...